Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Delight in the Air

A spray of pink flowers of the Plumeria rubra species or commonly called pink frangipani.

I am at a loss to name this plant. Anyway, it is a recent introduction to the landscaping circles. The recent interest in ' contemporary tropical' landscaping movement has generated lots of energy and adrenaline rush among collectors to the deep jungle of Sarawak and Borneo for rare tropical plants. In particular, the plants are selected for their architectural form, decorative potential and fragrance besides being a novelty. This morning I was clearing a clump of this plant below some fifty meters away from my chalet.

What attracts me was the long stalk and bracts of this particular plant. The brown bracts are indeed a novelty. The flowers are tiny yellow and are at the very tips of the bracts.

Arrangement #4

Immediately I placed a stalk in the glass container. Then while walking back to my chalet I came across a spray of Plumeria rubra ( pink frangipani). I thought the composition would do well with a spray of pink flowers to create delight in the air.

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Jannie Sue "Funster" said...

Flowers seem to make everything better, don't they?!