Friday, June 27, 2008

Jasmine Fragrance.

I came back to the farm quite late this afternoon after a half day outing at Bintulu town. Thus it was in the late afternoon sun that I walked around the garden to look for my next candidate. At one corner of my garden was a big jasmine shrub that hugs to the post. The scent from the flowers were heavenly. Jasmine flowers mean a lot to Malaysians. Many parents lovingly named their girls Jasmin, or Melur or Melati after this fragrant flower. I find that it is the buds that are more fragrant. When the buds develop into a flower the scent seems to fade away.

Arrangement # 15

I had some leftovers from yesterday's collection of sassy pink heliconias. I experimented by removing the bracts to expose it true flowers and bend the stalk to create the impression of a flower basket handle. Then I combined it with the jasmine flowers and one gardenia flower from the variegated species. I call the above composition......Evening scent.

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