Tuesday, June 24, 2008

The tallest grass

With the help of Ati, I began to clear the undergrowth of Vegetation Island No.1, which I planned to incorporate into the Heliconia Valley project. This Heliconia project covers tw0 vegetation islands, which are original jungle conserved. The total area would be about half an acre.

From the area relatively cleared of its undergrowth and thickets above, I was able to harvest some heliconias and a yellow bamboo culm ( stem). Could this culm be used in a flower arrangement? I wondered......since bamboo is botanically the tallest in the grass family, how can you represent it in a table arrangement?

Upon further thinking, I thought why not cut the culm and insert it into a vase. This would provide height to the low, round and flattish flower vase. Well, here's how it turned out.... firstly.

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