Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Oriental Rhapsody

Yesterday I did the compositions based on the rose and canna flowers. Today I continue using the same flowers but have placed them in a yellow bamboo culm like so.
Arrangement # 55
Here I have retained some fresh leaves of the bamboo to give that 'Chinese painting' strokes effect to the composition. To accentuate the sense of height to the composition I added four leaves of the variegated ophiopogon (Ophiopogon jaburan variegatum). Landscapers usually use the ophiopogon as a cover plant and typically planted en masse. It is a low perennial turf with pale green/white linear leaves.
Arrangement # 56
In the above composition, I have kept the bamboo culm standing on a banana leaf and placed the fragrant flowers of the White Ginger Lily ( Hedychium coronarium ) at the base to add interest and overall scent to the room. Can't resist to call this composition...Oriental Rhapsody

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