Friday, July 4, 2008

Small present

It has been raining in the farm today since lunch time. By the time I returned from Bintulu town to perform my Friday prayers, I had very little time to walk around the garden . The ground was wet and the sky dark. So I thought of something small in scale to do in the quickest time. When I came across a curry leaf tree ( Murraya koenigii) my mind was certain of what to do. The reddish small oval fruits are like fresh fruits that I normally bring to my parents on Friday, except that these fruits are exceedingly small berries. Curry leaves are aromatic and very much used in local curries.
Why not make a composition representing a small present? With that concept in mind I moved fast between the garden shrubbery and in ten minutesI have gathered white jasmine flowers, yellow flowers of tristellateia, a red hibiscus flower and the yellow and red bracts of heliconia species.

I had the whole composition placed on my study table. With a bit of light and colour editing I had the arrangement done and photographed in thirty minutes. I call the above arrangement....Small Present.

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