Tuesday, August 5, 2008

An Amazing Fascination

Today's Specialty:
  • Bright red (scarlet) spikes - Costus woodsonii
  • Golden yellow with green tips ( red bracts removed) - Heliconia latispatha
  • Brown bracts ( unnamed species)
  • Small circular disc cups ( unnamed species)
Display as table arrangement with abstract painting background and laid on a Sarawak bead table mat.
Just the other day while at the Sarawak Regatta 2008 I bought a Sarawak bead piece ( like the one you see on the left of the picture) based on an Orang Ulu design. It is extremely colourful and intricately done. When I plan to produce today's composition, I was thinking of the bead piece and an abstract painting I did a long time ago ( still in my collection).Thus this composition explains it all.My fascination with Sarawak beads, heliconias and painting.
Arrangement # 60
Straight out, I couldn't think of any other title except....An Amazing Fascination.

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