Sunday, August 17, 2008

Bunga Kenanga ( Canangium odorata )

Arrangement # 70
What an exciting moment when I discovered my perfume tree ( Canangium odorata /Cananga odorata ) producing its first cluster of fragrant yellow-green flowers. I thought it should have a focal point in today's composition.  Therefore I sandwitched it between the flowers of ixora and bracts of heliconia.  In Malaysia this tree is locally referred to as the ' kenanga '. 'Bunga Kenanga " means the flowers of kenanga. From the  distilled oil in the flowers , perfume is produced. In some literature, this tree is sometimes called the ' ylang ylang'.
An interesting feature of its flower is its long, twisted and drooping petals.
To add greenery to the composition, I placed a few leaves of draceana with its longitudinal yellowish stripes, thespider plant with its stiff grass like variegated white-green leaves and the lanceolate leaves of the mother-in-law's tongue .
For such a fragrant flower creating a huge perfume industry, I call today's composition.... A Perfumed Presence.

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