Friday, August 22, 2008

An Exotic Cut

Had a good look at the front garden this morning.  Love those young fragile cycas fronds (Cycas rumphii) welcoming a new day.  My front garden has slowly turned out to become more exotic as the various large and multi-coloured foliage reveals their true identity.  The under story of colourful foliage too are showing colours of pink and purple especially the species belonging to the rhoe discolour and the irisine.  The upper story of palmate leaves are rising to the occassion as well.
From yesterday's composition I noticed that the spider lily flowers are still stiff and freshly fragrant and more buds are blooming even as I am writing this post.  This prooves that the spider lily flowers are  quite lasting  materials for cut flowers. Not to miss this new found love of the spider lily as cut flowers I therefore decide to retain yesterday's cuttings and to add that tropical exotic lustre to the display, I placed a flowering stem of the sassy pink heliconia with some bracts removed to expose its beautiful green tips.
Arrangement # 73
I strongly feel invigorated with this new discovery of the spider lily as cut flowers. Pleased and entertained as I watch the above display , consequently would love to name this composition... Exotic Cut.
As I type this post the sweetly fragrant scent from the spider lily flowers perfumes the ambience around the dining table. A day to remember.

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