Sunday, August 10, 2008

In Jubilating Mood

Arrangement # 65
Today I spent a very hectic day at down town Kuching City, where a handicraft show and sale was held. On reaching home , I met three striking beauties that greeted me as I approached the front garden.
One, a light pink hibiscus, then a lighter red canna hybrid and finally a handsome crimson red hibiscus.
It would be unthinkable if I would not pick them as my favourites for the day.
I was exceptionally happy this afternoon after I met some strangers who were so willing to share knowledge about batik at the show. All in all, I felt jubilatingly happy. With a little help from a stalk of costus and orange bracts of heliconia, the composition was completed in record time.
Therefore I dedicate today's composition to ....Feeling Exuberant..
A corner at one of the exhibition stalls displaying various containers using rattan as the chief material and given modern colours.

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