Saturday, August 23, 2008

Too few to mention

Arrangement # 74
Didn't have much flowers in bloom today principally due to our Kuching garden still very much in its infancy. However this calls for an imaginative moment. Like what people used to say, opportunity knocks on every man's ( or woman) door but few recognise it at the correct time.
My eager eyes were caught by one inflorescences each of the costus, heliconia, hibiscus and finally a gardenia. Since the flowers are a bit limited I thought some broad foliage would do the balancing act.
Three, two, one..goes the inflorescences and the foliage into a mini tambuk. A variegated caladium was placed in the foreground to add much needed contrast and life to the display.
" Regrets I had a few, but then again too few to mention".....and so the final curtain goes and the composition credits remain as......What Have We Got ?
I am not over with the composition. No regrets. Just a minute addition wouldn't do no harm. Therefore in goes an orange canna.
Finally when the whole episode is over, I put the display next to yesterday's composition which apparently still remain in superb condition. Since last night two buds of the spider lily have opened up and tonight I guess another two or three should come out in full bloom. By the by, the tissue box cover in front is made from beadswork in the Sarawakian native design. The figurative and fern-like motifs are essential elements in the local ethnic design patterns.

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