Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Variegated Cordyline

Arrangement # 67
Sunday (10/8) when I went hunting for plants at the Satok flower market, I came across an interesting cordyline hybrid.  It has pale cream leaves with green streaks and edged in red which was very much different from the more ubiquitious red variety ( Red Ti) used very often in today's landscaping for their strong red and sometimes light pink leaves.
To match the variegated cordyline leaves, I chose the bracts of costus woodsonii and heliconia psittacorum which has survived days after having been placed inside a container filled with water.
Being happy for a moment with the rather 'hot' colourful collection, I thought then of a flower that could define their beauty better in somewhat finer and milder colours. My choice is the pink hibiscus hybrid.
With an abstract painting as the backdrop, I placed the display on my dining table to add lure for this morning breafast.  For being such useful and lasting decorative foliage and bracts, I call the composition...Recyled Beauty.

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