Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Bamboo Culm Compositions - 1

Early this morning I came across this beautiful yellow bambo clump. The golden yellow colour of the stem strikes me as something unique and of good presentational value.
Having cut one long stem from the clump, I then cut it into shorter lengths for use as a display container like below.
Arrangement # 80
I am pretty impressed by the gorgeous golden yellow colours of the bamboo culm and thought it needed some strong colours to match. The ones closest to where I was working were the bright red foliage of the Coryline terminalis or popularly known as 'Red Ti' in Hawaii, and some light purple blooms of bignonia.
The colours being strong and vibrant had much tension in them as they are placed together.
The upright character of the Red Ti seems to accentuate the dynamic tension between it and the drooping bignonia flowers. This calls for an immediate resolution.
I found the soft and mild green leaves of a fern nearby to be the saviour of theday.
Feeling resolved, I would like to call this composition....Dynamic Resolve.

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