Sunday, September 21, 2008

Batik on leaves

Arrangement  # 97
A late afternoon walk around my garden today revealed the gorgeous blooms of the ixora flowers.  I came across two shrubs of the species. One was the orangy variety and the other light yellow in colour.
When I was looking for some matching green foliage, my certain mind was moved or rather changed by a striking clump of a caladium hybrid  which has batik-like effects on its leaves. I mean the cracks and accidental lines and spots reminded  me of batik painting  technique. I wonder why Malaysians haven't name this after their batik craft. I for one would like to propose a common name for it..why not pink batik?.
The ixora coccinea, sometimes called jungle flame or jungle geranium, have tubular flowers. The yellow variety is also referred to as ixora lutea. Both grow abundantly in my garden.
Next I needed  a plant that will provide drama , movement and signature to the display. My choice ,if you have guessed it correctly is a string of heliconia sassy pink bracts which I made to circle around the perforated flower vase.
To promote the use of the caladium hybrid and the Malaysian batik art, I propose today's composition title ...Pink Batik. 

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