Monday, September 8, 2008

The Best is Yet to Come

Arrangement # 85
Two yellow bamboo culms. From yesterday's presentation is retained the caladium, sassy pink and heliconia psittacorum. I add the calathea lutea in the above display to give the feeling of equal achievement. Two man ( or woman)  standing tall.
As we look around us,do not feel proud of our achievements because others could be even better.  Be thankful that you can contribute to make the little difference in people's lives. And you can mutiply it by the billions of lives on earth. By promoting prosperity around us  we accept the fact that we are a child of the universe, in a big cycle of change and renewal.
If the call is made to us, rise to the occassion, play our role to the best of our capability
knowing that all's well that ends well. Thus feeling philosophical today, I
call the above composition...The Best is Yet to Come.

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