Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Focus on the Plumeria Rubra

I have been observing the flowering stages of this pink frangipani for the last couple of days.  I anticipated  I would soon use it for the next cutting. Well today it was in relative full bloom. Therefore I rushed to get my secateurs and carefully made my priced cutting for the day.
Frangipanis normally refer to the pink variety of plumeria.  Scientifically this fragrant flowering species are called plumeria by mistake. That botanical name was given for the French botanist named P L U M I E R. But a mistake is a mistake. Instead "plumier" was spelled P L U M E R I A!.Thus to this day the name stays and is used to describe both the white variety ( Plumeria obtusa ) and the other colourful relatives like the sample above known as Plumeria rubra.
For today's presentation therefore the pink frangipani will assume center stage.
Arrangement # 86
Once my mind is decided to make the frangipani the center of appeal, it was easy to distribute its infectious beauty to the rest of the company. First goes the orangy red heliconia psittacorum, then the sassy pink heliconia. But to add freshness to the composition I threw a few young foliage  of a cordyline species. The freshness was accentuated by placing them against a banana leaf background like above.
Have you notice three tiny differences in the display above? Guess what, the background is ferro cement, the glass vase sits on an ordinary banana leaf unlike the first presentation where the wild banana leaves were used. Thirdly, the orangy heliconia has moved places. I did the above just for experimental reasons. ( sentimental me??) Having a perfumed presence as the central focus, I call this composition...A Fragrant Focus.

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