Tuesday, September 2, 2008

The Parrot Flower

Arrangement # 79
I am feeling not too well today. Probably due to the my body not yet in tune with the fasting routine which started yesterday( 1/8) Anyway my spirits as usual are always on a high note.
A walk up the hill this morning convinced me of the richness of heliconia psittacorum or parrot flower.
It has a narrow sized bract when compared with the stricta or sassy pink varieties to mention but a few of the heliconias with large sized bracts. The one I have selected this morning has orange bracts.
I cut the stalk long and then placed them in a plastic mineral bottle( recycle?) with the top section cut to let in seven stalks of the parrot flower. Added a tiny solution of green syrup to the water to get some colours to the plant container.
Today's composition is just plain in order to show the rich orange colours of the heliconia psittacorum.
Thus, the title of today's composition...Plain Parrot.

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