Monday, September 22, 2008

A Passion to Die For

Arrangement # 98
First things first. The white caladium was just outside my front door in all its glorious white colour.  It is no wonder that sometimes people refer to it as Angel's Wings (Caladium bicolor). It's large white leaves have green veins radiating from the center. I thought for once to display just white colours, white leaves and white flowers.  Therefore I got hold of the satiny flowers of the white ginger ( Hedychium coronarium) next.  But as I reflected upon it, what are the white corpuscles without its red blood companion? Thus enter the Red Ti ( cordyline terminalis)  leaves to make passion reverberate in my veins . I realised all to soon that the passions must not be too extreme. A slight moderation would be better for my heart. Again I make way for the sassy pink bracts and the orangy heliconia latispatha bracts to weave their way into the presentation.
A pure white and blood red composition I thought would be well remembered in the title...
A Passion to Die For.

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