Thursday, September 18, 2008

The spiders and the gingerly hot

Arrangement # 94
Three blooms of the spider lily ( Hymenocaullis caribaea), two flower spikes of the red ginger ( Alpinia purpurata) and a variegated cordyline species make today's presentation.
Today's composition combines red hot energy of the scarlet ginger and the subtle freshness of the spider lily. Thus would like to call this composition....Just as hot.
P.S.The inspiration was this encounter below:
Have spiders perched on these evergreen leaves? These spider lily blooms show their delicate spider-like petals. Spider lilies should be cut and placed inside the living room because they ooze out a softly sweet fragrance. Time taken: 5.30 pm, the U- turn about to reach my farm, Laman Kambatik, Bintulu.

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