Tuesday, September 16, 2008

A Third Look at Dillenia

Arrangement # 93
This display reminds me of how we often overlook at our local beauties.  We take them for granted. They flower freely. They are always there when you want to look at them. You wrap food with their leaves and let our children have fun with their fruits.Charlie was impressed.  
His second look was at Melastoma.  Locally known as ' senduduk' or Straits Rhododendron ( Melastoma malabathricum) its purplish- black fruits attract the birds and the boys who like to stain their tongue with their fruits.  Thus the Greek word for 'melastoma' to mean 'black mouth'.
Charlie's third look was at Dillenia.  She's every where.By the roadsides, the waysides and the most unlikely places - the disturbed areas. Her cabbagy  leaves are used to wrap food and fermented rice.  Her fruits when ripe let loose red-fleshed seeds that are the prime target of the feathered species.  Her name dear Charlie is the 'Shrubby Simpuh' or 'Simpuh Air'( Dillenia suffruticosa )
Charlie is now a confirmed admirer.  He's takes great love to looking up these beauties. In the story above, the greenery ( the envy? ) is provided by 'creeping Charlie' ( Pilea nummulariifolia )
All good things must come to an end. no matter what.
The two beauties looked back  at Charlie and with the sweetest of smile uttered the two cutest words...
Recognize me ? 

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