Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Wild Pineapple Fruits and Day Lilies

Arrangement # 87
Three fruits of the dwarf wild pineapple,one stalk of the pink canna hybrid,three stalks of the the day lily ( Hemerocallis) and three stalks of the heliconia latistapha make it to the table today.
Day lilies do not last long, perhaps a day or two. Slightly longer would be the canna flowers. But the heliconia latistapha would last the longest among the two mentioned earlier.
The wild pineapple fruit I add to suggest' fruitful days.' Yes, today despite me fasting, I did a lot of work at the farm and when I broke my fast this evening around 6.32 pm my sacrifice was well worth it. Sweetened and made more meaningful of course by the hard work put into it.
Without much ado, I declare today's composition...Fruitful Days.
( Note: This clump of heliconia latistapha gave me the inspiration for today's presentation)

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