Thursday, October 30, 2008

Heliconia, Frangipani and Red Ti leaves

Arrangement # 104
This morning I bought a glass vase that is looking i.e. by the look of its curves. I was thinking of how to exploit its curvature. For many weeks now I am thinking of other ways to use the dark red/black coloured leaves of the Red Ti ( cordyline terminalis). Today I rolled it up and inserted three leaf blades into the vase to hold together the stalks of the pink frangipani and the heliconia latispatha.Wrapping the flower stalks with the Red Ti leaves in water removed the nakedness out of sight.
By one look there's no doubt that the lady in red is ....well.... Dressed to Kill.

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

The magnificent Bignonia

Arrangement # 103
Today I am enchanted by the popular climber,  bignonia ( Bignonia magnifica).
I have it grown over my aviary and is sure a vigorous climber.  When flowering and this happens very regularly, it produces big bell-shaped mauve-pink flowers.
Bignonia need to be planted in full sun and the sight of their flowers against the blue sky is indeed a joy to behold as often I sit by my verandah in the afternoon sipping my cup of  tea to the thought of its magnificence.
For all its splendour and rich colour i.e. both its flowers and its dark green leaves, I call this composition...
A Popular Splendour

Monday, October 27, 2008

Red Ginger, Pink Canna and Red Ti for a Start

Fiery Start - in 2 versions
Arrangement # 101
It has been a month and two days since I did my last posting.  The main reason or excuse I guess was that I had spent the Hari Raya holiday this year in Kuching . The Hari Raya started on the 1st of October.
The problem after I get back to Bintulu was to get rolling on with blogging daily cut flowers.
Well, today I am over with the holidays and back to normal self.
Arrangement # 102
Walking around the garden I found that the canna hybrid I brought from Kuching from my last trip had flowered.  I decided to make it the top choice for today's arrangement. To add more turbo , more twin power to the display I added the fiery red ginger. Finally to keep the theme red I inserted the red leaves of the Red Ti ( Cordyline terminalis).
For having finally starting the daily cut flowers again after a month lapse, I call the above composition...Fiery Red Start.