Monday, October 27, 2008

Red Ginger, Pink Canna and Red Ti for a Start

Fiery Start - in 2 versions
Arrangement # 101
It has been a month and two days since I did my last posting.  The main reason or excuse I guess was that I had spent the Hari Raya holiday this year in Kuching . The Hari Raya started on the 1st of October.
The problem after I get back to Bintulu was to get rolling on with blogging daily cut flowers.
Well, today I am over with the holidays and back to normal self.
Arrangement # 102
Walking around the garden I found that the canna hybrid I brought from Kuching from my last trip had flowered.  I decided to make it the top choice for today's arrangement. To add more turbo , more twin power to the display I added the fiery red ginger. Finally to keep the theme red I inserted the red leaves of the Red Ti ( Cordyline terminalis).
For having finally starting the daily cut flowers again after a month lapse, I call the above composition...Fiery Red Start.

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