Tuesday, November 25, 2008

The Brilliant Yellow Allamandas

Arrangement # 120
What is so special about allamandas? They have large yellow trumpet-like flowers ( Allamanda cathartica) , looking golden and confident at any time of the day. They are free flowering here in the tropics of course.  They form bunchy flowers that if planted en masse are indeed eye catching. Despite their attractive appeal, allamandas aren't scented.  But never mind. On my way back to the farm this afternoon after sending my worker off from work, I pushed the brake pedal hard to stop next to an allamanda shrub which was in full flowering and enjoyed a moment of life's precious offering. I took the secateur ( which I always keep one in my car just in case) and right away made seven cuttings.
Back at the chalet I took a brown clay vase and carefully pushed them into its large mouth. There you are. No pretense. Plain yellow flowers and a matching round short vase did the trick. Much pleased  with the presentation, today's title shortly zapped across my grey matter.......Golden Brilliance. 
Further notes:
There are four kinds of yellow-flowered  allamandas in Malaysia and one special kind that has mauve flowers( allamanda violacea) To me allamandas make great cut flowers especially when their leaves are kept intact, thus providing much freshness to the display and green contrast to the bright yellow flowers.  They are very easy to propagate. Just make a cutting from its woody branch.  Plant them at sunny locations of your garden.

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