Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Cassia alata or the Seven Golden Candlesticks

(The Cassia alata plant is in the center of the picture above)
At my eco-farm I have planted from seeds the Seven Golden Candlesticks plant ( Cassia alata ) or Gelenggang in Malay.  By about one year's time they have grown between 2-3 meters high.  This tall shrub or alternatively you can call it a small tree, loves damp conditions especially near streams and disturbed areas. It is native to tropical America but grows wild in Malaysia.
I have purposely planted it in my eco-farm for the main reason that it is exceedingly difficult to find them even along roadsides or villages these days. Well, you can say it's my small attempt at conservation.
What I find interesting about this plant is its attractive orange bracts and yellow flowers . The flower buds are covered with orange bracts which fall when the yellow flowers open.  The leaves of this plant are used for treatment of fungal infections.
Arrangement # 113
For today's display, I went to the stream nearby to collect two branches with inflorescences.Then I  scouted for matching yellow bracts of the parrot flower and green leaves of the 'pandan' shrub for special effects and accent.  For being so beautifully wild yet eye-catching I name today's composition...WILD THING.

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Chris Carnevale said...

How long do the cassia flowers stay nice in an arrangement? Do the unopened flowers open in water and how many days does it take them to do so?