Thursday, November 13, 2008

Gardenia augusta or Cape Jasmine

Arrangement # 111
Apparently my camera was not its normal self this afternoon. The picture above is possible after many editing attempts.Hah!. Anyway, my focus today is the white, large and fragrant flowers of the common gardenia( Gardenia augusta or Cape jasmine).
Even as late as 5.30 pm I could find fresh blooms at many a shrub around my chalet today.  Having gathered enough, I cut a few bracts of the calathea lutea and recycled yesterday's heliconia bracts to make today's presentation.
The interesting thing about the gardenia is that it is supposed to be originated from the Cape of Good Hope ( Africa) thus its name Cape Jasmine.  However it is also native to China and introduced to this part of the world, thus popularly known as 'Bunga Cina' in Malay, meaning Chinese Flower.
However for me from the many synonyms, my favourite is to refer this plant as the Cape Jasmine because in today's world of aroma theraphy the jasmine fragrance is always a better brand name.
Thus, my title for today's composition....My Jasmine.

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