Monday, November 24, 2008

The Glow of Plumeria Obtusa flowers

Arrangement # 119
The large white flowers of the plumeria or Great Frangipani ( plumeria obtusa) stood elegantly above its green glossy leaves had me captivated as I walked pass them in my garden today.  A small breeze made them sway in the wind. I looked at them twice, thrice and decided  to make them the subject of today's display.
I held the flowers' stalk firmly inside the small glass vase by wrapping the stalk with the Red Ti ( cordyline terminalis ) leaves as if it was clad in a 'sarong'. The Red Ti leaves stole much limelight from the pure white and silky colours of the plumeria. Therefore to soften its strong fiery presence I added in the stiff orange and lighter red bracts of the parrot flowers ( heliconia psittacorum).
To conclude today's presentation I name the composition...Glow with Me.

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