Monday, November 3, 2008

Heliconia 'sassy pink'

The heliconia sassy pink variety is my choice today. This variety grows abundantly in my garden of which I can making cuttings on daily basis. My special liking about it lies in its pastel pink bracts looking like lobsters claws, its pendulous dark pink to red stem and creamy white flowers with green tips. For this presentation I remove some bracts to expose its true flowers which are less significant than its showy bracts.
Below are variations of a common theme, the sassy pink against a seasoned piece of drift wood.
Arrangement # 107
(in three variations)
The long pendulous stem is very versatile and does not seem to break under pressure. Here it winds to a loop.
In the above example, the terminal bracts points downwards at 6 oclock.
Above, the terminal bracts points at 5 oclock. The rest of the long lobster claws are pointing in various directions, thus making the display more dynamic, eye-catching and dramatic.
When left hanging like a pendulum in its natural state, the sasy pink heliconia looks beautiful and majestic.
However when arranged in diverse angles, it displays much drama, excitement and surprises. Therefore I an inclined to name the above compositions as....Sassy Movements.

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