Wednesday, November 19, 2008

In the Company of Heliconias

Arrangement # 114
Is it something about the rain, that today I saw lots of blooms in the garden? This cold and wet November is something to be thankful , for the leaves and flowers seem to be flourishing in the garden today.
The showy bracts of heliconias are there forever stealing my attention. I collected just three samples of the parrot flowers ( heliconia psittacorum) in shades of golden yellow, bright orange and pastel red. Then I strolled for some stronger colours. Two blooms caught me stunned. One a fiery red ginger ( alpinia purpurata) and the climbing oleander ( strophantus gratus) with its pale rosy purple tint flowers.
Without much ado I placed all of them in a tall glass vase and had the long pendulous pink bracts of the heliconia 'sassy pink' twist around the strongly coloured company of heliconias,ginger and climbing oleander.
Rounding off this presentation I am glad to name it....Circle Game.

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