Friday, November 21, 2008

Purple Bignonia, White Caladium and Red Ti

Waking up early today, my spirits were lifted when I saw these purple flushes of the bignonia magnifica. Its bell-shaped mauve pink flowers were a good morning gesture after the heavy rains at pre-dawn over by my eco-farm.  Here I have planted them close to the aviary and trained them to climb over it for shade and much needed colour.
Then this spectacular leaf of the white caladium ( caladium X candidum ) had me excited over the opportunity of teaming it with the bignonia blooms. This caladium is exceedingly big i.e. about 40 cm long and 30 cm wide.  Its pure white leaf with green veins is a beauty in contrast.
Below are the stages of today's composition.
Arrangement # 117
With the help of the showy and bright light red leaves of the Red Ti ( cordyline terminalis) I have accentuated the ambience around the mauve pink colours of the bignonia to a higher level of brightness.  Then I used the leaf of the licuala palm as table mat for the glass bowl which is hidden by the white caladium leaf. In this particular instance I have sunk the center of the caladium leaf into the glass bowl together with the bignonia  blooms and Red Ti leaves.
Feeling happy and pleased, I name this composition...Today's Brightness.

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