Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Red Ginger, Bleeding Hearts and Red Ti

Arrangement # 108
I thought I have successfully utilise the beauty of the red ti ( cordyline terminalis) leaves in the above display.
For one thing,the leaves when wrapped around the flower stems or stalks of the red ginger ( alpinia purpurata) and the bleeding hearts (  clerodendrum thomsonae) makes the presentation neat especially through the transparent glass container or vase.
Secondly, the top end section of the sword-like leaves when bent add an interesting feature and artistry to the show.
Here the bleeding hearts flowers, the just recently plucked ones appearing more whitish than the slightly aged ones in mild red colours, breaks the symmetry of the display in a refreshing sort of way.
The height of the compositon is achieved by the exotic tiered formation of the red ginger's petals which I think provides much zest and appeal to the whole show.
All the Reds, please stand up!.....for that's the title of today's composition.

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