Saturday, November 1, 2008

To be equal or be fair? Is the question.

Arrangement # 105
How judgemental can you be? Well today, my attention is focussed on three kind of flowers.
On the top echelon are the parrot flowers ( heliconia psittacorum) recognizable by their narrow bracts of orange or pale red colours and one of them above has red flowers with green tips.
The middle rank is occupied by the golden netbush ( pseuderanthemum recticulatum) which have an intricate web of golden veins. But I what I like most about it is the golden yellow colours of its young leaves.
On the lower level is a collection of two fragrant white flowers of the gardenia (gardenia jasminoides) and jasmine ( cape jasmine) respectively.
It is almost impossible to give equal emphasis to everything or every person. I mean, each thing has its own unique qualities and positions or stations . Perhaps the act of allocating ranks is a natural thing in life. Therefore it is no point to give equal treatment. In the final analysis it is the fairness of treatment that counts, especially when it comes to dealing with people or personalities. Probably each according to his or her own needs is the best axiom. Therefore my composition today is called....Above all, Be Fair

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