Saturday, November 22, 2008

Wild Banana leaves, Red Ti ,Heliconia latispatha and Ixoras

Arrangement # 118
I have today met two variegated leaves that inspired me  to do today's presentantion.  First, the wild banana leaves of the musa  violascens and the light red to red and dark bronze leaves of the Red Ti ( cordyline terminalis) In order to match the flaming image of the Red Ti, in goes the dark orange to pastel red of the heliconia latispatha bracts and flowers ( slightly hidden).  I still keep yesterday's fan -shaped leaf of the licuala grandis and made it to wrap half of today's materials.  The licuala or fan palm leaf are green and plaited and toothed along the edge.  Nowadays it is remarkably easy to propagate this species from seeds because being popular as a tropical short palm it is made very available in many  a decent nursery.
To provide a middle focus to the display, I added the jungle geranium ( Ixora coccinea ) with its small scarlet tubular flowers in a ball-like cluster.  Another species I collected today is the Ixora chinensis var. lutea, having light yellow tubular flowers.
Having had the variegated wild banana leaves as a backdrop to the brilliant red and oranges in front, I reckon the best title for today's composition is....Jungle Flame

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