Thursday, November 20, 2008

You are My Family- Clerodendrum

Arrangement # 115
This is a tale of two clerodendrum species which I have ready stock at my garden.  First the climbing species with its white calyces and blood-red corollas called the Bleeding Heart Vine ( Clerodendrum thomsonae). 
In the above display I have included the slightly older calyces which appear dull pink in colour but nevertheless attractive to me because they stay for months on the stems before they die away looking brown. The Bleeding Heart vine comes from West Africa.  In the above presentation, I have teamed up the orange  bracts of the parrot flower ( heliconia psittacorum ) and the red hibiscus ( Hibiscus rosa-sinensis) to the bleeding heart for variety, colour and contrasting form. As usual I employing a simple trick of wrapping the stems of the flowers in Red Ti ( cordyline terminalis) leaves such that they appear neat in the glass vase.
I would like to name the above composition ....Torn Between Two Lovers.
Arrangement # 116
There is no competition in the above display.
There are from the same family.  Here I placed the pagoda flower ( clerodendrum paniculatum) overtopping the bleeding heart. The pagoda flower has a conical flower head that displays hundreds of small red flowers.  It is native to South East Asia and that means Sarawak, Borneo.  Thus it really surprises me why people do not use this plant in urban public landscaping or homes. Its flowers are frequently visited by butterflies.
I have attempted to display a gradation of colour in the above presentantion.
For being rather forgotten ( because we take it for granted) and now seldom seen I would like to name the above composition as .....Love Me MORE.

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