Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Eurycycles amboirensis(Li) & Hedychium coronarium

When I arrived Kuching on the 1st of this month, I have observed that the plants at the front portion of our garden were growing luxuriantly. Two species that stole my eyes were the white ginger lily ( Hedychium coronarium) and the 'Bunga Sepenuh' ( Eurcycles amboirensis ) as shown in the foreground of the picture below.
I love the Bunga Sepenuh for its broad heart- shaped leaves. I plant them close and let them form into an understorey. However the best part of planting this species is the waiting game for its flowers. Below I capture 4 days of successive flowering.
On the fourth day I decided to cut it for today's floral display.
Well, next to this Sepenuh plant is the white ginger lily with its satiny white colours and typical butterfly-like petals.
Impressed by the white and green colours of the flowers as well at their leaves, I decided to do a composition in white & green. I placed the display against a piece of Kelantanese 'songket' cloth.
Arrangement # 126
Simply said....A Composition in White and Green.

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