Thursday, December 4, 2008

Ixora coccinea,Heliconias and Variegated Cordyline

I was extremely glad to notice that the plants at our front garden in Kuching were doing well in our one month absence.  The Ixora coccinea shrub was at its best,very showy with orange flowers in a tight and compact form.
Arrangement # 123
But then as I moved around the garden which is very much 'in progress', I found that I could use the heliconias to good effect this time around.  In goes the Heliconia psittacorum and Heliconia latispatha.  To add artistry to the show I threw in two leaves of the variegated cordyline terminalis which have red colours around the edges of the leaf.
Having arrived Kuching in the best of spirits, I call the above composition...Kuching Melody.

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