Monday, January 5, 2009

A Vibrant New Year

Arrangement # 130

The general theme of today's show is red, produced by the somewhat vibrant reddish colours of the heliconia bracts and the fiery red ginger. Added as well is the yellow bract of heliconia 'lobster claw'. I find now that the very young leaves of the Red Ti ( cordyline terminalis) to be a useful if not a definitive foliage for tropical cut flowers. How I treat the heliconia sassy pink is easy these days. Its long pendulous inflorescences can just be coiled and sunk into the glass vase.
For a vibrant show, I call the above composition... A Vibrant New Year.

Saturday, January 3, 2009


Arrangement # 129
This is my first posting for the new year. My theme today is K I S S. Keep it simple, yet stylish.
One of the many plants species that grow abundantly over at my eco-farm here in Bintulu is the fragrant screwpine ( Pandanus odorus) which has a scent much sought after by big industries. The species of fragrant screwpine's extract are used for aroma in flavouring cakes, syrup, biscuits, bread etc. It is also used to flavour rice like in chicken rice. Here I used the aromatic leaves for structure .
To match its fragrance I chose the heady scented white ginger lily ( hedychium coronarium). Its soft satiny white petals provides a striking contrast against the pandan fresh green leaves.
That's it. It's so simple, I call this composition... K I S S .