Friday, March 6, 2009

Red Ginger, Red Ti and Heliconias

Arrangement # 133

Having arrived Bintulu safely after a ten hours journey from Kuching by road on the 3rd of March, I felt inspired to do a little composition to indicate the free abundance of red colours in our garden today. From a clump of red ginger ( Alpinia purpurata) I cut a stalk of brilliant red terminal bracts arranged like a parasol. Next on the list were the heliconias, particularly the heliconia stricta with four emerging red lobster claw-like bracts and the orangy red heliconia latispatha with its characteristic green tips. To hold them firm in the glass vase I sandwitched the pastel red young leaves of the Cordyline terminalis or Red Ti and two variegated wild banana leaves ( Musa Hirta) . Since the materials were close at hand it took me less than 15 minutes to finish the composition. Fully satisfied, I call this arrangement....Welcome Back.

Sunday, March 1, 2009

Parrot flower, Firebrand and Red Ginger

What would you do if your eyes are feasted by the young leaves of Red Ti ( Cordyline terminalis) and the superb yellow and light pink bracts of the Parrot flower ( Heliconia psittacorum) ? Amazed, I quickly run my thoughts on a composition that could display such vibrancy yet simple to compose.

First I fold up the Red Ti leaves ( sometimes referred to as 'Firebrand') and plunge them into the vase. Four of these fitted in just nicely into the small squarish glass vase. Next I inserted a long stalk of the Parrot flower and firmed it upright. I thought for a simple composition that would do. Some would pronounce it as minimalist. Less is more. However to add to today's glowing show I threw in the terminal infloresences of a Red Ginger ( Alpinia purpurata ) plant that grew nearby.

Arrangement # 132

My feelings swung upbeat. Yes, it is confirmed now that Red Ti leaves are a staple for the kambatik style floral arrangement. But they must be essentially young to exhibit its vibrant and luminous red colours. For today's composition , the blood in me says.....Call Me Hot.