Sunday, May 31, 2009

Full of Luck - Sepenuh-penuhnya!

Arrangement # 139

THe Malays call the Eurcyles amboinensis plant as 'Sepenuh' and is said to bring good luck especially when it flowers. Eurcyles amboinensis is also known as Proiphys amboinensis.  For one thing it is difficult to flower.  Conditions must be ideal. That must be it for the last one week!.  The weather in Kuching was hot yet it rained almost all evenings and there again was accompanied with thunder and lots of lightning effects.  Thus I have been enjoying the white flowers of this beautiful tropical lily plant.  Its wide heart-shaped leaves are dark green and glossy.  I managed to propagate about ten now vegetatively  i.e. splitting its tubers.  Today I decided to team it up with the magical white and green leaves of the Ctenanthe pilosa which is slowly growing into a big clump. The Ctenanthe is related to the 'maranta' and ' calathea' species. 
Today's composition look clean and simple, and would just call it....Plain Lucky.

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