Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Hail to the Heliconias

Today's pictures were taken in Bintulu and I'm posting them from Kuching. The reason being, I was too busy with preparations to go to Kuching that little time was available to prepare for this post in Bintulu.
Today ( 1st July) I'm back in Kuching after a month long stay in Bintulu.
Today's show comes in a progression. I have used three types of heliconias. Stage 1 - the yellow bracts of parrot flower is set against the green leaves of the lady's palm. Stage 2 - the green tips and orange colours of the Heliconia latispatha join the crowd. Stage 3 - the red 'Firecrackers' ( Heliconia rostrata) finally tops the show.

Stage 1

Stage 2
Stage 3 - as the final arrangement.....Arangement # 147.....Hail to the Heliconias.

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alicesg said...

Very beautiful. I always learn from class how to arrange with the sponge...lol.