Friday, June 19, 2009

A Lady Blushing

There is so much of fragrance, sweet fragrance in the air today. I see the common gardenia or Cape Jasmine ( Gardenia jasminoides) and the Plumeria rubra var.acutifoloia throwing their scent to the wind. How could I miss this opportunity? Below is a closer view of the plumeria having smaller sized white petals flushed with yellow in the centre.
Like the gardenia, plumerias flower continuously. Their bunchy flowers are eye-catching .

Arrangement # 142

Having gathered the flowers of the gardenia and plumeria, I placed them inside a glass vase. To add greenery I threw in the variegated leaves of cordyline or 'Ti" plant as they are known in Hawaii. The pink colours of Lilium would provide much sparkle to the show. What would you say to a pretty girl in yellow, pink and white ? ......I would say "Wow, You're Pretty."

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