Saturday, June 20, 2009

Saturday Matinee

Early this morning I was happy to notice the Creamfruit ( Roupellia grata) plant showing off its white flowers ( see inset). This plant was bought from Kuching a couple of months ago. When pruned the plant seems to grow into a beautiful shrub and may exhibit a climbing habit if left unchecked. To match it I gathered as many flowers and colourful bracts as I could.
On the list are the heliconias ( 4 varieties), gardenia ( 2 varieties) and the lilium or pink lily hybrid. Today's special I thought. Make the composition as colourful and striking as possible.

Arrangement # 143

Today being a Saturday, I would like to name the composition as ...Saturday Matinee.


alicesg said...

Very beautiful arrangement. You are so lucky to have so many beautiful flowers in your garden.

Mahmud Yussop said...

Thanks Alice. One of the test of a good garden is in its ability to produce daily cut flowers. This has been my interest for a while now.