Saturday, July 11, 2009

Outside, Inside

Early this morning, I took time to walk around the garden in Kuching and did a couple of clearing up job at the side garden especially areas along the south fence. My efforts were rewarded well. The Blood Banana ( Musa zebrina) at the front garden seems to grow into a beautiful small clump now( see inset). I have constantly been watching its growth to ensure that any unruly adventure by the clump to surrounding areas be checked in time.
Below can be seen two pictures showing some of the planting details I incorporated to provide initially a green and colourful screen to the black metal fencing material. With my secateurs in hand and in rapid succession I took cuttings of young blood banana leaves, the multi-painted coleus leaves, the pendulous red bracts of the 'Firecrackers' ( Heliconia rostrata) , parrot flowers and finally the pink hybrid canna. I placed all of them inside a glass container that's was being held inside a tiny 'tambuk' or the local Bidayuh basket. Then I had them inserted inside a special decorative piece - a lamp shade, to hold the plants together for the show.
I made two versions for today's arrangement. One is for outside and the other for an inside arrangemment. Am I lost for a title? Well, guess what my mind said just now....Colour Outside, Colour Inside.

At the centre of attraction is the Dracaena marginata 'tricolour', being greeted by the parrot flower amidst a chorus of coleus and spider lily.

The 'Firecrackers' ( Heliconia rostrata ) and parrot flowers in the background .

Arrangement # 148

Outside Version

Inside Version