Monday, July 21, 2008

Bright Youthful Days

Arrangement # 46
What arrangement can I do today in ten minutes and still looks , well..good? It has been raining the whole day yesterday ( 21/7) and this morning it continues to shower heavily since dawn. Therefore I decided to do a very quick presentation. Yellow allamandas ( Allamanda cathartica) are in abundance in my farm. With an umbrella ready I went out in the rain and collected a few bunches of trumpet-like yellow allamanda flowers. Rushed back to my chalet ( I call home) and placed them in a nice little vase, next to a clay statue that I did as an art student forty years ago. There you are ! A ten minutes presentation done and a wonderful reminder of my youthful days some forty years ago.
The Allamanda shrub plant are now grown every where in Malaysia and a favourite for landscaped gardens, parks or homes due to its free flowering nature, rich and glossy green leaves and easy maintenenace. They can be easily propagated by cuttings and thus easily obtainable in large quantities if you decide to plant them in long beds to enjoy its masses of yellow colours later.
Wow, it takes more time for me to draft this blog post than make the above composition. Anyhow, I would like to call the above composition.....Bright Youthful Days.

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