Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Evening Gold


I came late from Bintulu town this afternoon to make good some problems with my notebook computer and hand phone N93i with the service provider ( CELCOM) . Around 5.00 pm the problems were solved. Thus when I arrived at the farm it was late afternoon and the yellow and orange rays of the evening sun began to set in. That gave me an instant hint.

Today I am going to make an arrangement using yellow as the central theme. I moved around quickly through the garden and noticed the glossy yellowish - greenish leaves of the Golden Eranthemum (Pseuderanthemum reticulatum) and a mass of tiny yellow flowers of the Tristellateia ( Tristellateiaa australasiae). Having got the material for the main menu, I next collected materials for the side orders like, the fronds of the bird's nest fern and a leaf of heliconia with its young red bracts.The red colour of the bracts would finally make the icing to the cake. Thus the title of today's composition.....Evening Gold.

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