Thursday, July 3, 2008

Fascinating Ferns

Last week when I was doing a lot of underbrushing works at the Vegetation Island No.1 , I came across at least three samples of bird's nest fern that were attached to the tree trunks or branches. This morning while walking around the garden I encountered an old stump that was 'planted' with bird's nest fern probably a year ago. When I remove it from its hideout, I saw the rugged look of the stump, like my old pair of Levi's jeans. There is a certain appeal in being rustic and seasoned, especially by age and in we human, by experience. I thought I will make ferns as my central theme today.

In the above arrangement, I had the heliconia' sassy pink' bracts ( not fully opened yet) to emphasise the uniqueness of the wooden stump. The pink -red colours of the bleeding heart is supposed to keep the harmony between the pink colour of the heliconia and the metallic, rustic and brown colour of the wood. The small bird's nest is the center of attraction.... now, I call this arrangement...Rustic Love.


The general colour tones and hues of the above arrangement is yellow. The yellow tones of the plant varieties like the two bracts of the heliconia yellow 'parrot flower' and the fine flowers of Tristellateia at the level of the bird's nest fern suggests sunshine in one's life, gaiety, happiness, like having a pound of gold at today's prices. Therefore I would like to name the composition...Golden Happiness.

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