Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Fragrant Lady

I consider myself lucky today to have stumbled upon this fragrant White Ginger beauty ( Hedychium coronarium ) as I started to start  my daily inspection routine. The one above is just ten meters behind my chalet and without further ado I brought it in to have its scent perfume  the living room.  Observe the green flower spike from which popped out ten white satiny blooms.  Its lush green leaves are charateristic of the species which is prevalent from India right to the South East Asian region , and therefore native even to places like Bintulu. They love semi-shade conditions and rich peaty soil. 
Arrangement # 47
I have endeavoured firstly to make a simple presentation, clean and simple.  Just a flower spike of ten blooms, a heliconia inflorescence with its outer bracts removed and a few petals of yellow allamanda in a glass filled with water to make the blooms last till tonight . Indeed the White Ginger fragrance can last for at least one full day and night long.  Who needs room refresher?  Upon further reflection I feel that something is missing. This first display looks kind of simple , yet elegant. So I call this display simply...White Fragrance. 
Arrangement # 48
I quickly rushed out to get two broad leaves , in order to accentuate the broad-petalled flowers of the hedychium and its deep green flower spike. Some people also name this plant Ginger Lily, probably on account of it being an excellent cut flower.  Anyway, I feel I have achieved what I thought has been missing in the first display. With another stalk of heliconia added the impression of slender dance-like fingers of a young lady is achieved.  By the way, the fragrance is heady strong even while I am typing this post. This White Ginger must be the sweetest of all.  It would be unthinkable if I don't name this composition...Fragrant  Lady.

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