Saturday, July 5, 2008

Happy, Happier, Happiest

Remember that old rustic, ancient and seasoned stump like my 'Levi's' jeans kind of look? It has the tiny bird's nest fern in it already planted about a year ago. Today I add the brown bracts to it. I am kind of happy with it.

Then I can't stop admiring the beauty of the tristellateia flowers which are blossoming in great quantities in my garden right now. Therefore I added them to the composition. Now I am a lot more happier..

Then, of course the orangish bracts of the parrot flower ( heliconia psittacorum) which is just a step away from where I was doing the arrangement never seem to give up drawing my attention to her. Thus, she find her way somewhere in the middle of the stump where a tiny hole kept it in stable position. Now I think I am happiest with this arrangement.

Glad to name this composition.....Happy, Happier, Happiest.

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