Thursday, July 24, 2008

My Local Maiden

Arrangement# 49
Lest I forget, there is a local beauty this is well, just ordinary,a commoner, mundane and oh! so beautiful.  Today I take pride in composing an arrangement for this special beauty of mine. The flower is large and yellow with pale cream stamens. The seeds pod once split opened reveals red-fleshed seeds that are appetising to the birds. The mature leaves are used as 'throw away plates', young leaves are eaten raw as salad and sometimes used to wrap fermented rice overnight. It is such a useful plant that a lot of people take it for granted.  It is the Shrubby Dillenia ( Dillenia suffruticosa) which the locals in Bintulu call ' Simpoh Air). To know more about this plant please check it out at my other weblog.
After what's said and done,I call the above composition...My Local Maiden.

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