Sunday, July 20, 2008

My Mild White Beauty

There is a beautiful white bougainvillea plant in front of my chalet that has been flowering about a week ago.  It has been on my mind for quite sometime before to make a composition based on the white bougainvillea( Bougainvillea glabra alba) . First, I would like to introduce one of my favourite bougainvillea species called  Bougainvillea poultinii that have striking dark pink/red bracts as shown  below. I took this picture while on the way to attend Friday prayers at Bintulu's Assyakiriin Mosque sometime ago.

The beauty of the white vaiety can be seen from the picture on the right .  Its colours are almost snow white. For that matter the white variety is normally referred to as ' alba' meaning white. As can be seen here, bogainvilleas are extremely showy on well-drained soil and best planted in the open sun. They can be planted in pots, beds, planter boxes, pergolas, arches and many more places where you think a good display of climbers and colours  is required. Besides white, bougainvilleas appear in colours of red, pink, purple, orange, yellow or in combinations on the same plant.
LaLately it is quite fashionable  to plant bougainvilleas in oversized pots.  It is generally acknowledged that bougainvilleas can thrive in restricted areas like in potty environment since this practice will encourage flowering because pots tend to stress the roots, thus stimulating the plant to flower. 
My choice today is the white bogainvllea that stands pretty in front of my chalet.  Just this morning ( 21/7) I cut a stalk and placed it in a green perforated clay vase.  To keep in tune with the general tones and hues of white and green of the composition, I placed a few variegated white/green leaves of the caladium and polyscias species to give a fresh green wash to the composition. By doing so I thought would render the white brilliance more mild..  thus I call this composition....My Mild White Beauty.
 Arrangement# 45

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