Saturday, July 19, 2008

Hibiscus and High Places

I am still not over from my hibiscus infatuation.  Tell you the truth, the red hibiscus flowers do really steal my attention. Keeps me wondering what is that special quality that makes  it so lovely? Hibiscus flowers do not last long when cut, a full day is just about it. Though it is a common practice here that if you cut it early in the morning, you need to keep it in the refrigerator without water  so that they can be used in the evening.  Probably the reason why I fall in love with the red hibiscus flower is that it is available anytime of the day for the picking since they are free flowering.  Secondly, in Malaysia it is the national flower and therefore has achieved a queenly status. This 'queen' of flowers in Malaysia is called "Bunga Raya"( Bunga means flower and Raya connotes the idea that it is found every where in  Malaysia, in gardens ( private, public and palaces) in towns, villages and cities. In pots, beds and in flower arrangement..... like below
Arrangement # 41
I would like to name the above composition ... My Everyday Love.
 Arrangement # 42

Now, while the hibiscus has its queenly status, the Pagoda Flower ( Clerodendrum paniculatum) has flowers on tiers and therefore reminds me of high places. I shall call the above display...In High Places.

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